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Mario Takes America is a Mario game that was originally intended for the Phillips CD-i in 1993. The game was going to be developed by a Toronto-based studio called Cigam Entertainment, but the game was cancelled before it could be finished. However, the game was picked up by Retro Studios and eventually released for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in December 2013.


The game opens with Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi arriving in New York, where they set out on a quest across the United States and North America. However, Bowser is notified of this, and devises a plan to cut their vacation short.


As the game was adapted from a cancelled CD-i game, everything had to be reworked from the ground up. The gameplay in Mario Takes America is very similar to the New Super Mario Bros. series, as certain stages will feature a side-scrolling style of platforming. However, other levels feature a more open, free-roaming style in lieu of Super Mario 64. The game also takes cues from sandbox-type games such as The Simpsons: Hit and Run, allowing Mario, Luigi, or Yoshi to explore each level freely. Certain levels feature boss fights at the end, and defeating them will allow Mario to progress through the game.


Mario Takes America features 20 levels based around cities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In order, these levels are:

  • New York City- The game's starting level takes place in the Mario Bros.'s birthplace. Notable landmarks include the Statue of Liberty, Mario Bros. Plumbing (where our heroes can interact with the Ratigator), the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building. (Boss: Larry Koopa)
  • Niagara Falls- This level is played from an overhead view, and involves our heroes travelling down Niagara Falls in separate barrels, all while avoiding Bowser's attacks.
  • Philadelphia- Mario and company's next stop is the City of Brotherly Love, a free-roaming level where our heroes must prevent Bowser's troops from vandalizing the architecture. Notable landmarks include the Liberty Bell, the LOVE Statue, and a boxing ring where Mario can encounter Little Mac. (Boss: Roy Koopa)
  • Boston- The colonial lure of Boston brings Mario and friends into a world of trouble, as Bowser's minions are stealing the city's tea supply. Landmarks include a ship representing the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Commons, the Subway, and even the Statehouse where our heroes can talk to Ben Franklin. (Miniboss: Three Hammer Bros. dressed as colonists)
  • Toronto- The first international stop on the tour is Ontario's capital and Canada's largest city. This side-scrolling level features such landmarks as the CN Tower, the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Royal Alexandra Theatre, and a bonus area set under the Great Lakes. (Boss: Boom-Boom, fought atop the CN Tower)
  • Miami- Heading south, Mario's gang tries to catch some rays in Florida's largest city, but all is not well, as Gooper Blooper is causing trouble for the beachgoers. Notable landmarks include the Freedom Tower, the Miami Tower, Miami Beach, and the Intercontinental Hotel. (Boss: Gooper Blooper)
  • Atlanta- This free-roaming level features many optional tasks for Mario and friends to do, and is not necessarily required to complete the game. Landmarks include the World of Coca-Cola Museum, the CNN Center, the Children's Museum, and the Atlanta High Rise.
  • Louisiana Bayou- In this side-scrolling level, Mario and company find themselves piloting a speedboat across the Louisiana Bayou, trying to escape a hungry Cheep-Chomp. (Boss: Cheep-Chomp)
  • Texas- Arriving in the Lone Star State of Texas, the Mario Bros. and Yoshi discover Bowser's minions causing trouble in Austin. After clearing the area, they take a train ride to Dallas and San Antonio, but are ambushed by Bowser's rogue bandits. Landmarks include Retro Studios Headquarters, Texas State Capitol, and the Austin History Center in Austin, Fort Worth in Dallas, and the Alamo in San Antonio. (Boss: Three Koopa Troopas dressed as cowboys, fought atop the boxcar train)


  • This game marks the return of the long-absent Ratigator from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Its' design has been updated to fit the modern Mario universe, becoming more anthropomorphic.


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