Mario Smash Bros. is a fighting game for the Wii U. It was released in December 2013, and is based on the Super Smash Bros. series. Unlike the Super Smash Bros. series, it features a more cartoony look for the characters.

Default CharactersEdit

Artwork Name Debut Description Special Moves
MarioMarioSmashBros Mario Donkey Kong (1981) Mario has average speed and weight, but has very good jumping abilities and strong attacks. His Fireballs are bouncy, similar to most Mario games. Fireball
Super Jump Punch
DonkeySmashBros Donkey Kong Donkey Kong (1981) Donkey Kong is one of the strongest characters and is a heavy-weight character. When he picks up a character, he can carry them for a short distance. He can also charge up his Giant Punch to make it more powerful. Giant Punch
Spinning Kong
Hand Slap
LuigiSmashBros Luigi Mario Bros. (1983) Luigi is a character with average weight and speed and above average strength. His Super Jump Punch can be very strong if he uses it near an opponent, but otherwise it is a very weak attack. His Luigi Cyclone makes opponents fly away. His fireballs float in a straight line instead of bouncing. He also jumps higher than Mario, but he is also slower and heavier than Mario. Fireball
Green Missle
Super Jump Punch
Luigi Cyclone
PeachSmashBros Princess Peach Super Mario Bros. (1985) Peach is a lightweight character with fast speed and average strength. She has a special ability to float above the ground for a short amount of time. In her forward smash, she swings a golf club, a tennis racket, or a frying pan. Toad can be used as a Counter. Toad Block
Peach Bomber
BowserSmashBros Bowser Super Mario Bros. (1985) Bowser is the heaviest and slowest character, but has powerful attacks, and is hard to hit off of the stage at low damage percentages. He can use his weight to crush the characters he grabs. Fire Breath
Flying Slam
Whirling Fortress
Bowser Bomb
YoshiSmashBros Yoshi Super Mario World (1991) Yoshi is a fast and middleweight fighter with strong smash attacks. Unlike other fighters, Yoshi's shield is not an energy bubble but a green-spotted Yoshi Egg. He does not have a third jump, but his second jump gives him a knockback immunity to make up for that. Egg Lay
Egg Roll
Egg Throw
Yoshi Bomb
WarioSmashBros Wario Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (1992) Wario is a very strange character. He is a heavyweight with great aerial game and recovery, but he has poor range and somewhat slow attacks. For a heavyweight, he only has average strength (similar to Yoshi). Chomp
Wario Bike
Wario Waft
DiddySmashBros Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Country (1994) Diddy Kong is fast, light, and abundant in unique attacks. He wields a remarkable Rocketbarrel Boost that allows him to reach great heights, and his Peanut Popguns allow him to catch his opponents off guard. Peanut Popgun
Monkey Flip
Rocketbarrel Boost
Banana Peel

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