Mario Party: Island Tour 2 is the sequel to Mario Party: Island Tour for the 3DS. It will be released for the Wii U in Summer 2014.


After a relaxing day around Peach's Castle, Mario and friends notice a letter in a bubble saying that they have been invited to the Party Islands again. The gang is very happy when the letter sends bubbles to carry every character to the Party Islands. Mario and his friends are partying and playing games when Bowser shows up, feeling jealous that he wasn't invited, so he built Bowser's New and Improved Tower, saying anyone can join him at his renovated party. He puts magic in bubbles to make bubble clones of the gang.

Donkey Kong notices this, and decides to build DK's Party Jungle Tree, saying anyone can play through his version of Bowser's Tower.


Mario Party: Island Tour 2 uses the same basic gameplay as its predecessor. Once again, players move along a linear board, which happens to be a race to the finish. The Spaces appear similar in function to those from Island Tour. The special cards from Island Tour return, with virtually the same function as before. Players will once again face off against shadowy clones of the other playable characters.



Mario Luigi Princess Peach Princess Daisy Wario Waluigi
Mario Artwork (alt) - Mario Party Island Tour Luigi Artwork - MPIT NSMBWiiPeach DaisyMP6 WarioMPDS Mario Party - Island Tour Waluigi Artwork
Yoshi Boo Toad Toadette Bowser Jr. Diddy Kong
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Super Mario Galaxy Toad Artwork Toadette111 SMG BowserJr Diddy Kong
Note: Newcomer, unlocked by completing DK's Party Jungle Tree.

Team NamesEdit

Debuting in Mario Party 5, players could fight in a tag-team match. In said matches, two players were paired together. In Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 8, but not Mario Party 7 and Mario Party 9, team names were chosen depending on which two characters were paired together. This is a returning feature. Here are all of the possible name combinations:

Mario Luigi Peach Daisy Wario Waluigi Yoshi Boo Toad Toadette Bowser Jr. Diddy Kong
Mario Mario Bros. Power Players Flower Players Big Sarrios 'Stache Clashers Best Buddies Italian Spirits Fungi Fun-Guys Marionettes Reluctant Allies Banana Bros.
Luigi Mario Bros. Waltzing Brawlers Steady Sweeties Green 'n' Greedy Lean n' Mean Green Machines Scaredy Pants Savage Sidekicks Cha-Cha Chasers Meanie Greenies Ape Avengers
Peach Power Players Waltzing Brawlers Lordly Ladies Sugar 'n' Spies Sweet n' Sour Cutie Pies Boo-for-Teas Loyal Friends High-Flair Pair Sneaky Sweeties Royal Chimps
Daisy Flower Players Steady Sweeties Lordly Ladies Mischief Makers Trouble Makers Tomboy Trouble Bloomy Shroomy High Spirited Duo Perfumed Shroomy Begrudging Allies Spunky Simians
Wario Big Sarrios Green n' Greedy Sugar n' Spies Mischief Makers Wario Bros. Rotten Eggs Double-Dealers Crazy Allies Double Agents Temper Tyrants Chimp Chumps
Waluigi 'Stache Clashers Lean n' Mean Sweet n' Sour Trouble Makers Wario Bros. Unhappy Dinos Total Creeps Half-Cranky Duo Half-Pranky Duo Angry Avengers Tall n' Small
Yoshi Best Buddies Green Machines Cutie Pies Tomboy Trouble Rotten Eggs Unhappy Dinos Hovering Friends Good Pals Flutter Friends Dino Bros. Diddy Dinos
Boo Italian Spirits Scaredy Pants Boo-for-Teas High Spirited Duo Double-Dealers Total Creeps Hovering Friends Doom 'n' Shroom Boo Duet Pure Evil Creepy Chimps
Toad Fungi Fun-Guys Savage Sidekicks Loyal Friends Bloomy Shroomy Crazy Allies Half-Cranky Duo Good Pals Doom 'n' Shroom Zoomin' Shrooms Cute n' Rude Little Guys
Toadette Marionettes Cha-Cha Chasers High-Flair Pair Perfumed Shroomy Double Agents Half-Pranky Duo Flutter Friends Boo Duet Zoomin' Shrooms Double Trouble Pretty Primates
Bowser Jr. Reluctant Allies Meanie Greenies Sneaky Sweeties Begrudging Allies Temper Tyrants Angry Avengers Dino Bros. Pure Evil Cute n' Rude Double Trouble Mad Monkeys
Diddy Kong Banana Bros. Ape Avengers Royal Chimps Spunky Simians Chimp Chumps Tall n' Small Diddy Dinos Creepy Chimps Little Guys Pretty Primates Mad Monkeys

Bosses (Bowser's New and Improved Tower)Edit

Bosses (DK's Party Jungle Tree)Edit



As the title suggests, the boards are split between various themed islands. Eight game boards are included in the game. Of these boards, two are unlocked by playing through every other board (Bowser's Magma Wonderland and DK's Rainforest Canopy), and the other six are available from the start of the game.

References to other gamesEdit


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