Mario Football League: Touchdown Tramua! (Mario and Friends: NFL Adventure 2! in Europe) will be the second game in the Mario Football League series. It will be the sequel to Super Mario Football League, and will be released in Spring 2010 for the Wii.


The game opens with Mario and Luigi playing catch with a football, when suddenly Bowser appears and takes the football away from Mario! Mario rounds up his friends and the game begins!


This game works similarly to the previous game in the series, Super Mario Football League, but does not have as many characters as Super Mario Football League. The characters are listed below:

    • Mario (All-around)
    • Luigi (All-around)
    • Baby Mario (All-around)
    • Baby Luigi (All-around)
    • Toad (All-around)
    • Peach (Technique)
    • Daisy (Technique)
    • Toadette (Technique)
    • Koopa Troopa (Technique)
    • Donkey Kong (Power)
    • Bowser (Power)
    • Wario (Power)
    • Waluigi (Power)
    • Yoshi (Speedy)
    • Birdo (Speedy)
    • Diddy Kong (Speedy)
    • Bowser Jr. (Speedy)

However, there are no unlockable characters in the game, unlike the previous game, but the characters that are playable are unique in their own way because they each have their own special ability.


Just like the last game, Touchdown Tramua has five modes: Free Play, Adventure, Options, Time Attack, and Instant Replay. However, Adventure is somewhat different because Wizpig is no longer the main villian, Bowser is. Free Play has changed as there is now the ability to choose the time limit of the game, or no time limit at all. Time Attack now allows two players at a time, allowing an easier game, Options now lets you choose music for each stage, and Instant Replay has not changed.


  • When Mario is playing catch with Luigi, a tropical remix of the Super Mario Bros. 2 overworld song plays. It plays again when Mario is relaxing on the beach at the end and over the credits it continues to play.
  • After selecting the stage Peach Gardens, the loading screen is pink with a 2-D Peach instead of a black screen and a 2-D Mario.

References to other gamesEdit

  • Super Mario Football League- This game is simply a sequel to Super Mario Football League, as mentioned above.
  • Super Mario Bros.- In the stage Wario Disco, graphics from this game are seen on the dance floor wall, such as a 2-D Bowser breathing fire at a 2-D Mario, the Starman sprite, and Mario sliding down the flagpole.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2- In addition to the above graphics in Wario Disco, graphics from Super Mario Bros. 2 can be seen, including a 2-D King Wart passing gas, Mario carrying a Vegetable, and a POW Block.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3- Once again, graphics from this game are seen in Wario Disco.