Mario & Nintendo All-Stars Racing is a racing game being made for the Wii U. The game will be released in Summer 2014.


Character Series of Origin Vehicle All-Star Move Unlock Criteria Quotes
Mario Super Mario Bros. Red Fire Fireballs Starter Let's-a-go!
Luigi Super Mario Bros. Poltergust 4000 Green Cyclone Starter Yay for me, Luigi!
Princess Peach Super Mario Bros. Birthday Girl Peach Blossom Starter Yes, Peach!
This is fun!
Bowser Super Mario Bros. Koopa Clown Car Whirling Fortress Starter Roar!
Boo Super Mario Bros. Bill Blaster Boo Barrage Starter Ehehehehe!
Yoshi Yoshi's Island Egg 1 Yoshi Eggs Starter Yoshi!
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Country DK Jumbo Bongo Blast Starter Yah-hay!
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Country Barrel Train Banana Boomerang Starter Yee-hah!
Wario Wario Land Wario Bike Gas Mask Starter Here we go!
Wario time!
Link Legend of Zelda Epona Triforce Slash Starter Yaaah!
Kirby Kirby's Dream Land Warp Star Hammer Smash Starter Hiiii!
Pikachu Pokemon Pika-Mobile Thunderbolt Starter Pika pika!
Samus Aran Metroid Starship Missile Launcher Starter Is that all?
Captain Falcon F-Zero Blue Falcon Falcon Punch Starter Show me your moves!
Fox McCloud Star Fox Arwing Landmaster Assault Starter Come on!
Falco Lombardi Star Fox Arwing Landmaster Assault Starter Hands off my prey!
Princess Daisy Super Mario Bros. Mach Bike Flower Shower Unlockable by purchasing her for $500. Hi, I'm Daisy!
Got it!
Waluigi Super Mario Bros. Waluigi Rider Waluigi Tornado! Unlockable by purchasing him for $1000. Waluigi time!
Olimar Pikmin Hocotate Ship End of Day Unlockable by purchasing him for $1500. N/A
Meta Knight Kirby's Dream Land Halberd Vicious Vortex Unlockable by purchasing him for $2000. Fight me!
Ness Earthbound Shooting Star PK Starstorm Unlockable by purchasing him for $2500. Okay!
Jigglypuff Pokemon Mini Beast Soothing Song Unlockable by purchasing her for $3000. Jigglypuff!

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