Alissa in-game.

Alissa The Rabbit (In Japan, MikuMiku The Rabbit), is the daughter of Razmanian Metal, and a wild imaginer. Unlike her father, though, Alissa is gentle, sweet, and very, very polite. Alissa appears in Mario and Luigi: The Mushroom Kingdom Turned Upside Down at Sunnyside Resort.


As mentioned above, Alissa is gentle, sweet, and very polite. However, she is very strong, a characteristic strange for her personality and appearance in general (in fact, she actually lifted an 850-lb truck without breaking a sweat). However, she is very, very scared of many things. One example is Dark Bowser, who scares Alissa out of her wits when the two first encounter. Another is horror movies, which she actually wet her pants over.

Mario and Luigi: The Mushroom Kingdom Turned Upside DownEdit

Mario and Luigi first meet Alissa at Sunnyside Resort, where she is crying on the beach because her sand castle got washed away. The Bros. are forced to rebuild her sand castle under a minute. When they do rebuild it, she blows them a kiss as a "thank you".

The Bros. encounter her again much later on in the story, where she is crying again because Dark Bowser appeared out of nowhere and scared her. Mario and Luigi go off to stop Dark Bowser, but it is, in fact, Alissa who saves the day when she inadverdantly shuts down the security system that keeps Dark Bowser alive. She is seen again at the ending, celebrating with her father.

Mario Kart: 2 Times The Mayhem!Edit

Alissa appears as an unlockable character in this game. She is partnered up with her father, Razmanian Metal. To unlock her, Raz, and their kart, the Raz-Mobile, one must beat 200cc Leaf Cup, and then beat the two in a race. She is the lightest character in the game, making her easy to bump into. Alissa even has her own kart, the Cute Coupe, unlocked by winning the 200cc Star Cup Mirror Mode.